December 3, 2016

Bear Food

Nobody connected with True Heart (1997) appears to be even casually inclined to make a decent movie: not the people behind the camera, not the people in front of the camera, not even the bears.

Apart from all its other failures, this waste of celluloid has two of the most manifestly unappealing actors in the whole country: Kirsten Dunst and Michael Gross.

Jawdroppers. Zachery Ty Bryan and Kirsten Dunst

Dunst plays one of two siblings lost in the Alaskan wilderness. She and the other kid let their lower jaw drop in moments of dramatic suspense. Now that I think about it, they both use that trick to express a broad array of emotions, from happiness to frustration to befuddlement to surprise at falling backward over a cliff.

As actors, they give their jaws a pretty good workout.

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Brett Cassells said...

Sam and Bonnie are twins, but in actuality, Zachery Ty Bryan is six months older than Kirsten Dunst.